AA Service Venn Combined

Alpen Autos is the largest locally owned and operated vehicle rental company in the Snowy Monaro region and we have more cars on site than any other company. We are a dealer for Elstar Quads and Bikes, sell quality used cars, accessories such oils, coolants and batteries and we are a dealer for Hulk 4x4. We have recently moved into Camping Hire.

We have cars, trailers, floats, self move van and campers for hire.

We are here to be a part of the community, to work with other business across the area to provide a quality service to the travel industry and to help it grow by providing services never before available in the local area. We are on call for emergency hire 7 days and all hours. We help people continue to enjoy their holiday and / or make it home safely.

We are also here to help all the locals of the region. For the first time locals can rent a car that is centrally located in Berridale. If you break down, hit a roo or anything else that takes your car off the road, our cars are here and ready to go.

There's more to a car rental company than just cars in troubled times, we're here to help when you need to tow something but your car doesn't have a tow bar. We're here if you want to go up and see the brumbies but your car isn't suited to the roads. We're here when you want to take a break but need more space than your car has. We can also include baby car seats, bike racks and roof storage pods.

Call us, email us or drop in any time. We are here to service our customers the best we can.